Respite Care Provides Relief for Care Givers

Being able to just get up and go doesn’t come easy for some, especially those providing around-the-clock care to a family member or loved one suffering from physical and/or mental difficulties who require on-going assistance with daily living skills. It is a privilege to be able to run errands, go out and do some shopping, or just have time alone. The Hopewell Respite Care Group Program, a United Way of Hopewell member agency, provides the opportunity for these caregivers to have that much-needed quality time to take care of their personal, recreational and social needs.

The Respite Care Group provides activities and care for individuals requiring assistance who reside in Hopewell, Prince George, and surrounding areas, ages 35 and older, living at home, and suffer from a physical, mental, or sensory disability. These individuals are given the opportunity to participate in meaningful daily activities in a safe environment with their peers.

Activities, such as arts and crafts, adapted sports games, swimming, mild exercises, board games, field trips, seasonal programs, and refreshments are offered to participants of the program. The activities are designed to enhance the individual and social skills, self-esteem, and independence of those participating, and even more importantly, allows the caregivers free time to fulfill their personal needs.

The Respite Care Group had many participants from Hopewell and Prince George, ranging in ages 40 to 81 years, last year. Verna Hock is the Program Manager for the group. This program enhances the quality of life for those participating, providing them with a home away from home atmosphere with their peers, as well as giving their caregivers free time. The Respite Care Group is a vital program for the Hopewell Community, and United Way of Hopewell-Prince George has played a big part in allowing this program to continue.

Individuals meeting the requirements of the program can take advantage of this community service at no cost. Free transportation is provided to and from the program for residents of Hopewell and the surrounding area. For additional information about the program, hours of operation, or transportation, call Verna Hock at the Hopewell Community Center, 541-2355.