Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

The Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center, Inc., in  Petersburg was established in 1955, with a mission to promote and establish programs and services for individuals with metal retardation residing in the cities of Petersburg, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, and the counties of Dinwiddie, Prince George and southern Chesterfield. After 53 years, that mission is still being accomplished.

In 2007, the Center provided programs and services for about 150 mentally challenged individuals, 18 of whom were Hopewell residents. The Center operates PARC Services Sheltered Employment Program, PARC Services Day Support Program, PARC Services Supported Employment Program, Osage House, and Crater Area Supported Living Services and PARC Work Adjustment program. The Center also offers a Weekend Recreation Club and provides transportation services for those participating in programs operated by the Center.  A description of these programs and their impact on individuals with mental Retardation can be obtained by calling the Progressive Adult Rehabilitation Center at 732-0685 or by reviewing our website: