Hopewell – Prince George Healthy Familes

Having a baby is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Every parent can use a little extra support to help with the changes brought on by the birth of a child. Even experienced parents often want new information about babies or about their older children. That is what HOPEWELL/PRINCE GEORGE HEALTHY FAMILIES is all about.

HOPEWELL/PRINCE GEORGE HEALTHY FAMILIES can offer something for almost every parent. Through information, support, and referral services, Healthy Families helps new parents get resources they need to get off to the best start possible. Families can obtain information on things like infant and child development, positive parenting, selecting a doctor, and parenting groups and classes.

matthew_oct08healthyfamiliesHow does Healthy Families work? A representative from Healthy Families may speak with you in the hospital after the delivery of your baby, or you might hear about it before your baby is born. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Healthy Families at (804) 458-9271.

All services offered by Healthy Families are free and voluntary. Some families may be offered a Family Support Specialist who will come to their home to provide support and information. Family Support Specialists visit with families for up to five years after the birth of a child. They provide families with information on things like caring for a newborn, dealing with a colicky baby, what to expect as your baby grows and ways to foster that development, and local resources for families. The also provide support to insure that children receive their immunizations and well-baby check-ups on time. But, most importantly, they offer emotional support and share in the joys and challenges that come with raising a child.

UNITED WAY OF HOPEWELL is pleased to have Healthy Families as a member agency and will continue to support the agency through the upcoming campaign.