Funds Distribution

How does the United Way of Hopewell-Prince George Distribute Money to Agencies in the Community?

  • Donor Choice Program
  • Volunteer Allocations Process (Budget Committee)

The United Way of Hopewell-Prince George Budget Committee reviews the participating agencies’ applications and financial data to determine how much the agency will need to operate for the next fiscal year. Based on this information, the budget committee determines an allocation amount for each agency.

We then hold an annual fund drive, turning to the community to help raise the funds for these agencies. The donor choice program was established for those contributors who do not wish to support all of the United Way participating agencies, allowing them the option to designate a particular agency of their choice.

Contributions designated to a particular United Way agency guarantees that the agency will receive at least that amount. If an agency receives more in designated contributions than the allocation amount determined by the Budget Committee, then the agency will receive the greater amount.

For Example If an agency’s allocation amount is $10,000 and the agency received designated contributions of $15,000, then the agency would receive the greater amount, or $15,000.

If the agency’s allocation amount is $10,000 and it only received $500 in designated contributions because it was not a popular agency, then undesignated funds would be used to make up the difference, giving the agency $10,000.