Board of Directors


The main responsibility of the Board of Directors for United Way of Hopewell-Prince George is to assess the needs of the community to determine the allocation each of the member agencies will receive. An agency evaluation is performed annually to insure these allocations are used most effectively and efficiently to help the most people in our community.

The United Way of Hopewell-Prince George is extremely fortunate to have an outstanding Board of Directors to direct and administer the policies and procedures of the local United Way. Made up entirely of volunteers within the community, a wide range of businesses, community interests, and diversified talents are represented within the Board members. Pictured below are the United Way of Hopewell-Prince George Board of Directors & Staff.

Staff and Board of Director Profiles

Stephen G. Henry
Director of Operations
Vistra – Hopewell Cogeneration
Vice President
Steven Benham, Sr.
Executive Director
Hopewell Redevelopment & Housing Authority
Henry P. Harrison, Jr.
Certified Public Accountant
Frances E. Marks
Executive Director – United Way of Hopewell-Prince George


Floyd Brown, Jr.
District 1, Prince George County
Linda Forehand
Bill F. Gandel
retired Prince George Social Services Director
Prince George County
Traci Hackley
General Manager
Baymont Inn & Suites
Mark A. Haley
City Manager
City of Hopewell
B. Mayes Marks, Jr.
Marks & Associates, P.C.
Christopher Neal
Randolph Market
James L. Speidel
AFGE Local 1178
Dan Stein
Board of Supervisors
Prince George County
Paul Tuck
Director of Operations
Perdue Farms
Christian Volk
Water Quality Manager
Virginia American Water Co.
Cara Buckley
Public Relations/Marketing
VWF Post 637


The United Way of Hopewell-Prince George staff carries out the policies and procedures
implemented by the Board of Directors.

teresabrobst francesmarks
Teresa Brobst
Executive Assistant
Frances E. Marks
Executive Director